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Skill Talk™  Ep. 15: The Power of Focus -  Dr. Lee and Al discuss the Power of Focus. 

Skill Talk™ Ep. 15 Activity Worksheet

Skill Talk Past Episodes


  • Ep. 15: The Power of Focus - Dr. Lee and Al Duncan discuss the Power of Focus.
  • Ep. 14: Dr. Mae Jemison - Dr. Lee  and Al Duncan discuss the life and accomplishments Dr. Mae Jemison in honor of Women's History Month 2019.
  • Ep. 13:  Effective Time Management  -  Dr. Lee  and Al Duncan discuss  ways to effectively manage your time
  • Ep. 12:  Respecting Personal Space - Dr. Lee  and Al Duncan discuss  the challenges of dealing with personal space in professional settings.
  • Ep. 11: The Art of Execution - Dr. Lee  and Al Duncan discuss the importance of being able to get things done.
  • Ep. 10:  Beat Procrastination -  Dr. Lee  and Al Duncan discuss  ways to  beat procrastination. 
  • Ep. 9: Live at Morehouse College - Dr. Lee  and Al Duncan discuss  the great time they had with faculty, staff, and students at Morehouse College as part of the S3TEM National Tour. 
  • Ep. 8: Comeback Power! -  Dr. Lee and Al discuss one of Michelle's best soft skills--resilience.
  • Ep. 7: 3rd Annual S3 National Workshop -  Dr. Lee and Al discuss lessons learned and the great time students had at the 3rd Annual S3 Workshop in Atlanta, GA — Feb. 15-17, 2019 — Theme: "Building Blocks for Success" 
  • Ep. 6: Michelle Talkin' Smack - Dr. Lee and Al reveal a powerful principle of communication while discussing the time when she corrected her professor in front of the class.  
  • Ep. 5: Live at DSU - Dr. Lee and Al  discuss the great time they had with faculty, staff, and students at Delaware State University as part of the S3TEM National Tour.   
  • Ep. 4: Being Resourceful -  Dr. Lee and Al  discuss the importance of being resourceful by using a story about a friend’s two sons carrying toys.  
  • Ep. 3:  The Manager With Disrespectful Body Language - Dr. Lee and Al discuss  Dr. Lee and Al discuss an experience her colleague had with a manager who showed disrespectful body language. 
  • Ep. 2: Michelle's Interview Question -  Dr. Lee and Al discuss ethics and a behavioral interview question she was asked during an interview. 
  • Ep. 1:  Soft Skills In Everyday Activities -   Michelle and Al use getting a driver’s license to show how many everyday activities require soft skills

Skill Talk Extras


  • Al's Attire 1 (COMING SOON) - Al breaks down the attire he wore in Ep. 7 and gives a few tips on dressing for success.
  • The Birth of S3TEM Pt. 1 (COMING SOON) - Dr. Lee talks about how she  came up with the S3TEM name.
  • How many Duncan Nuggets® are there?!  (COMING SOON) -  Can you guess how many Duncan Nuggets® Al has written? 
  • A Quick Science Lesson 1 (COMING SOON) - Dr. Lee gives a quick science lesson to high school and middle school students at FAMU STEM Day 2019